Since childhood, we are advised to be positive and suppress our negative feelings. We try to do just that throughout our life.

However, if we delve deeper into the subject, we will see that some negative feelings can actually help us to bring about some change in our life.

Feeling like your future is a solid wall The uncertainty about our future sometimes helps us to undertake a new pathway, a new challenge. You can always choose your own adventure. You can plan a day at a time and step forward to live purposefully without the pressure of reaching a goal.

Feeling like you have reached the seabed It is said that when you are at your worst, there is no other way but to go up. The situation gives you an opportunity to steer your life around to your desired direction. You must plan well how to get out of the stifling situation.

Feeling of boredom Often young people get bored. But, this boredom often coaxes us to do some creative work. When you are getting bored doing nothing, then only some new ideas struck, which bring out our creative side.

Saying ‘No’ to other people Sometimes, when we are bored we try to make ourselves busy and jump into any work whether we like it or not. This, on the other hand, makes us so busy, that we get tired and miss a better opportunity, which may come in our way.

We have to realize that time is the most precious thing in our life and we should not misuse it by doing something we don’t like at all. We must learn to say ‘No’ to people offering us unlikeable work. Instead, we must utilize the free time in creative work, which brings out the best in us.

Being Afraid Fear of the unknown is our born instinct. But, it can also inspire us to be adventurous. We must analyze the root cause of fear and try to face it. Then only it disappears.

Lack of Comfort To be successful, we must get out of our comfort zone. Uncomfortable situations bring out the best in us.

You hate your present position This feeling urges us to come out of the present situation and be somewhere nice, where we can discover our own self and flourish.