Every state in India has numerous unique varieties of pickles that can instantly spice up our taste buds and palate with a tangy and spicy hit of flavours!

The word Pickle has been derived from "Pekel", the Dutch word for brine. Pickling refers to the process of marinating fruits or vegetables in vinegar or brine for longevity and preservation. The process of pickling came into being about 4,000 years ago when the seasonal produce was pickled for consumption during the non-seasonal months. India is a pickle nation, and pickling is our tradition. Here are five lip-smacking and unique Indian pickles that are worth trying at least once.


Chukh is a fiery, red chutney pickle only for those who dare chillies. It has its origin in the Chamba region of Himachal Pradesh, and chukh is a pickle to die for. Hot and spicy red chilies are marinated and cooked in oil along with ginger, garlic, salt, lemon juice, and some spices. You may enjoy this as a chutney with your main course or as a pickle with your paranthas. Chukh has an incredible shelf life and can be stored in air-tight containers for later use. Some common varieties include ginger, garlic, and green chilli chukh.

Kolhapuri Thecha

This famous chutney-pickle is from Maharashtra, and it will make your tongue swell and body sweat with its fiery hot flavour. Kolhapuri thecha is considered the spiciest pickle in the South-Western region of India. Cooked with a bunch of Kolhapuri red chilies peanuts, garlic, salt, and asafoetida, this lip-smacking pickle goes well with rice, roti, and even dosa. It can be stored for months in air-tight pickle jars.

Bhoot Jolokia Achaar

The spiciness of Assam's Bhoot Jolokia is such that there is a local saying that people wish they were dead after eating the pickle. The pickle is also known as the King or Ghost Chilli. But the bhoot jolokia achaar can be savoured without the fear of dying. The red and hot chilli pickle is traditionally laced with bamboo shoots, and despite being very fiery in taste, it is quite popular around the world.

Karivepaku Urugai

Curry leaves are just as essential as is salt for adding taste to Indian cuisine. Karivepaku Urugai, better known as curry leaves pickle, is native to Tamil Nadu. This pickle is a humble offering of the beloved flavouring agent in a spiced-up avatar.

Topa Kuler Achaar

This pickle is a popular staple in almost every Bengali household. It is made of topa kul (a berry native to West Bengal), and people love it for its tart flavour. The berries are infused with spices and jaggery, and it goes incredibly well with rice and curries.

Enjoy these mouth-watering pickles if you haven’t already!