All you need to about ‘performance tyres’

Performance tires are quite famous among sports car and other vehicle owners, as they are designed to give the riders a delightful experience. They are modified to deliver better traction in both wet and dry conditions.

Performance tires have a stronger blend of adhesive which is achieved through the chemical nature of the rubber compounds. They also enhance the handling and steering experience while driving.  Performance tires have a unique construction feature, tread pattern and rubber compounds, which helps in taking the whole experience up a notch. The unique tread patterns provide better road holding capacity, especially on dry roads. They provide better grip and response because of their sturdy sidewalls and high traction, this also minimizes shaking of the vehicle when speed is changed.

Performance- They are specially designed for a smooth experience in dry and damp areas but are not suitable for snowy or wet roads. They have a unique tread wear which ensures durability. However, it is not recommended to push them to the limits repeatedly.

Summer Performance- these tires wear faster and need to be replaced sooner as compared to other performance tires. Their tread is designed for the sole purpose of driving in dry conditions. The compound formula of these tires makes it difficult to drive in damp, wet or snowy areas; leading to accidents. However, they provide excellent handling, grip and responsiveness. Michelin’s Pilot Sport 4S is a popular choice in this category.

R-Compound- This is the best performance tire in terms of responsiveness and grip among all the categories. The tread design on these tires is similar to semi-slick tires. These tires are specially designed for an exhilarating experience. The rubber compound formula is comparatively stickiest than all other performance tires. The whole purpose behind R-Compound tires is to deliver extreme performance. However, the biggest drawback of these tires is that they wear very quickly if repeatedly used. Pirelli’s P Zero Trofeo R offers excellent performance in this category.


The sturdy and rigid sidewalls of performance tires provide extra speed but also reduce their durability. That is why these tires wear very quickly as compared to other type of tires. High speed damages the treads of the tire and as a result, it cuts down the life of the tire. Load-carrying capacity of these tires is much lower than any other average tire as they are designed to serve a different purpose. Performance tires also affect the mileage and comfort of the car for the speed they provide. Also, these tires are not meant for all seasons. Using them in winters on snowy or frozen roads and in rainy season on wet roads can be dangerous.