How to tell better stories? Isnt that the question!

It all comes down to noticing the little things that surrounds us. The stories that are brewing in our neighborhood, the travesties that common people face, day in and day out and how gloriously they fight it. These are the stories worth telling. The glorious battles of everyday! Once our receptors are trained enough to look for such insightful gifts of moments, the stories are created! All that we need to do is to adjust ourselves to that lens! That’s it!

Empathy and love doesn’t only improve our lives it also creates beautiful stories. Imagine what powerful story it would make to narrate how the world heals, one frame, one moment, one word at a time.

Little things

Our everyday is full of such little things, the insignificant battles that we fight everyday. Imagine the struggles of the guy who puts up a wide smile managing the traffic on Sundays, when we are on our merry rides. Imagine the musician that plays cello on the eve of Christmas just so that our holidays can have a little melody. These are the little, insignificant things that create our lives and yet we are oblivious to these moments, in our mad rush of consumer-culture. We consume these moments yet forget to capture them in our memories, someday, all of which could make some beautiful stories!

Lives of others

It's easier to judge from the outside, just so that we get a little validation, a little shot of serotonin, but in reality, it is impossible to fathom what is going on in other people's lives. We are all fighting our demons, some more radically than others, some of us succumb to a more fatal destiny that the others, true. But we are all in this together. Once we pay close attention to the lives of others, once we reach out to them, ask them how their day has been, how have they been coping up with life, if they needed any help, we would never even get closer to know what is going on in the lives of others and in the darkest corners of their minds!

Let’s reach our and create beautiful stories!

Why can’t we delve a little deeper and light a candle in those darkest of corners just so a fellow human being can fight their demons better? Won’t that make for a terrific story?