The world -wide pandemic has upturned everybody’s life in such a way that all of us are trying to re-discover our own selves and present us to ourselves and to the world as a whole. How can we do that?

EOL or Electric One Liner can be a powerful tool for us in doing so. Let’s suppose, a person who has lost his job during pandemic and relocating somewhere else. How can he project himself as a coveted employee? He would say that before he was a talent manager in some show and later became development officer and thus, can produce popular shows using such connections. Simple! Isn’t it?

In fact, today’s complex world is in dire need of such simple and straightforward statements, the EOLs. It is not easy to create a perfect EOL, it’s an exercise upon itself. It needs to create an instant flash about the whole idea in some simple and catchy statement in which every word must count.

The EOL is an integral part of the entertainment industry related to content development. However, it is not a tagline for a show; that is for marketing of the show to the common public. The EOLs are for internal use within the industry, so that the concept of the show may be communicated to the crew members as well as senior executives of the company. In this way, this can also fulfill some business purpose for the company; the executives can have a concise idea of the whole show which they can sell, without going through the whole creative process.

Not only entertainment industry, EOL can be applied to any industry. It can tune the whole work force, for the same idea in a simple language. However, EOL writing can be tricky for a person who is totally involved in a project. In that case, we must take help from someone, who is looking at us from outside. To create a perfect EOL, we must follow the steps precisely

Be concise the essence of EOL.

Get the tone right Otherwise the whole exercise is futile.

Be honest Don’t overstate just to get the nod.

Ask for help If you are too involved into the project, Just ask someone else to fill in.

Bring spirit of play Don’t be rigid about the idea, let others to input also.