Five Amazing Things to do in Dubai

Contrary to the normal perception, Dubai is not only about shopping malls and flamboyant hotels. There are many things to do here including various adventure activities apart from the usual shopping and clubbing. Almost anything is possible in Dubai, and we have picked five amazing things to do in Dubai.

  1. Desert Safari 

Dubai is a desert city and it’s surrounded by never-ending deserts from all the sides and visiting Dubai is incomplete with going for a desert safari.

Desert safari is one of the most enjoyable and fun activities to do in Dubai. There are many organizers available here who arrange desert safaris here. It’s one of the best things to do with family and friends in Dubai. There are various kinds of desert safaris available like Camel Safari, Jeep Safari Quad Biking and Dune Bashing Sand boarding. Along with the safari, you can see amazing fire shows, belly dancing, etc while having a scrumptious barbeque dinner beneath the stars. 

  1. Hot Air Balloon Ride

In the last couple of years, the popularity of hot air balloon rides has increased a lot in Dubai, especially among the young crowd.

Going for a hot balloon ride gives you an amazing view of the city of Dubai from the sky. Floating at 4,000 feet above the sky, it’s the most adventurous thing to do in Dubai. If you are an adventure junkie, it’s for sure that you will enjoy a hot balloon air ride a lot. You can have an amazing view of the whole city while floating above the ground. It’s an experience you shall miss if you are visiting Dubai. 

  1. Sky Diving

If you are the kind of tourist who loves to do something adventurous while visiting a new place, then sky diving is a must activity for you in Dubai.

Sky diving is an activity every adventure junkie wants to try at least once in his lifetime. Dubai provides amazing ski diving opportunities for such adventure seekers. You need not worry at all about safety as there will be trained professionals to guide you throughout the whole process of sky diving. Diving through 13,000 feet in the sky, sky diving provides a fantastic view of the city and the rolling dunes of the desert.

  1. Dinner Cruise

Going on a dinner cruise gives a beautiful view of the Dubai skylines and you can enjoy a scrumptious meal with family and friends while enjoying the view.

A dinner cruise in a traditional Dhow on Dubai creek after exploring the city in the daytime is one of the most enjoyable activities you can have in Dubai. The amazing view of the city with a splendid skyline during the night is astonishing while the pleasing three-hour-long cruise and extravagant dinner is something you will enjoy with your partner. 

5.Ski Resort In A Desert

Visiting the Ski resort in Ski Dubai is a memorable and fun activity to do while being in Dubai. 

The Ski Resort is a place where you can enjoy various fun and adventurous activities like indoor skiing, tobogganing, snowboarding & playing with snow, making snowballs and creatures. For those who are looking for something special along with adventure, skiing at Ski Dubai is the perfect activity to do in Dubai on a holiday.