Bringing out the dewy-eyed charm in your dream project


For a creative boost to the marriage party, toss in some seasonally themed glitters into the cauldron and be a wedding décor inspiration to the attendees!

Don’t Let Go of a Cosy for Ambience 

Forgoing guests’ comfort can single-handedly bring down the party spirit to a ho-hum murmur. Deciding a snug ambience could be cumbersome, but here are some elements that always bring out the glam and comfort— lights, cushioned seating, erecting a majestic canopy, furs and accessories and soft textures. 

In fact, one of the certain ways to execute the nuptial ceremony in sync with the weather is by arranging the space in a way that does not mar the celebratory spirit.  

Don’t be Confined to Usual Traditional Colours

The worst is when you limit the décor to staple Christmas colours or dabble traditional colours killing the fun of trying new colour palettes. Ditching the expected reds, golds, greens and silvers, bring in the softer hues in pastels, greys, grey-beiges, dark wine, pinks, purple and bright whites for the razzle dazzle.

The colours should create a warm ambience to extend a welcoming embrace to your guests. Even adding a pinch of black would bring in home ceremonial glitz and bling that every wedding deserves. Colours could also be decided theatrically—if you want to evoke an earthy charm, shades of grey and white would be splendid.

Don’t Undermine the Touch of Velvet

Adding layers of velvet to decoration and accessories besides incorporating it in costumes.A touch velvet, a sumptuous and rich fabric, can be added to reception décor, centrepiece, entrance decoration, dining area and aisle accessories.

Don’t Arrange an Outdoor Photo Session

Unless the area is even moderately warmed, the idea of dragging the guests to forlorn, cold places could be a tad bit obnoxious. White outdoor could provide a natural elegance to the photos, plan a setting that would be freezing to the bones.

While planning the photoshoot, consider the time of the ceremony, ambient light and shades. Professional photographers always recommend stepping outdoors only after you are done and dusted with indoor shooting.

Don’t Take for Granted Light Setting

Lighting alone carries the tremendous potential to add some ceremonial cosiness. Nevertheless, there is always the possibility of going overboard with it and ending up stringing together a tacky set of bulbs. 

Customised lights such as rice-paper lanterns, neon signs, chandeliers and bistro lights make for picture-perfect beauty in a wedding venue.