Mushrooms are eatable fungi and they have got lots of health benefits along with being tasty. There are many types of mushrooms that are edible and full of essential minerals and nutrients. Mushrooms make for an excellent addition to your diet, adding flavor to many different recipes along with being beneficial for health. In this article we will discuss about the nutritional contents and health benefits of mushrooms.

Helps in preventing Cancer

Mushrooms are full of antioxidants which help to body to get rid of free radicals. Free radicals are responsible for causing various types of cancer.

Mushrooms contain antioxidants which may help in preventing various types of cancer like the prostate cancer, lung cancer, breast cancer etc. Mushrooms have vitamin D also which helps in curbing some types of cancer but the effect can be different for different people. Mushrooms also contain a tpe of nutrient called Choline which may lessen the risk of few kinds of cancer. But remember that mushrooms are not cure for cancer but it may help in preventing few types of cancer.

Makes you feel younger

Mushrooms are rich in two types of antioxidants- ergothioneine and Glutathion. Both of these antioxidants when present together helps the body to reduce physiological stress which is one of the main causes of aging rapidly.

 In today’s day and age, life has become very fast and chaotic which results in physiological stress among people. Physiological stress makes you look older and it’s one of the main reasons people nowadays seems more stressed and aged. Ergothioneine are Glutathion are antioxidants present in mushrooms and these antioxidants help our bodies to curb stress hence slowing down the process of ageing and make us feel younger. In addition ergothioneine and glutathione helps in curbing Parkinson's and Alzheimer's diseases also.

Boost Immune System

Mushrooms produce anti-inflammatory effect in our body which is helpful in improving the immune system.

Immune system is very important for us as it helps in dealing various kinds of diseases. According to a research, it was found that mushrooms helps in stimulating microphages in our immune system and boosts the ability of our bodies to fight with alien elements in our system thus resulting in improving our immune system.  An enhanced immunes system is quite helpful in dealing with serious illness.

Healthy Heart

Having Mushrooms in your diet is helpful for a healthy heart. Mushrooms contain nutrients which are essential for cardiovascular health.

Mushrooms are rich in fiber, potassium, and vitamin C which are helpful for keeping a healthy heart. Mushrooms are a good source of Potassium which helps regulating blood pressure, and reduces the risk of hypertension and cardiovascular disease. Consuming a form of fiber known as beta-glucans and it may decrease the level of cholesterol in our body. Beta-glucans is present in various kinds of mushrooms.

In addition to the above mention things, there are many more health benefits of mushrooms as it contains protein, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants which have many health benefits. Mushrooms are a rich source of various types of minerals, like selenium, potassium, copper, iron and phosphorus.  Many of these minerals are mostly not present in vegetables, so adding mushroom to your diet is quite beneficial for a health life.