Signs that you have found “the one”

Oh, to have found the one!

Let’s get one thing clear – there are many The One-s out there for you. But the statistical chances of you meeting them all in your lifetime is not a realistic thing. With romcoms and dating game setting and crashing standards like waves, it is one thing to find a person you want to date and another thing to want to stay with them forever.

Finding “the one” is something you will know immediately. Relationships with them is easy. Yes, past relationship breakups might keep you questioning about the longevity of the relationship, but there are signs that can put you to rest.

Here are the signs that you have found “The One”.

You’re both equally invested in the relationship

It hurts when you’re the only one putting any effort in the relationship. But in a forever relationship, you find your partner equally invested in the relationship. Equal effort is spent to build, better and make the relationship thrive for the future.

You have fun with each other even if you do nothing

Even when you are just sitting on the couch, scrolling through your phones, you and your partner immensely enjoy each other’s company. You can tell your partner is set on you and they would rather do nothing with you than have fun with anyone else.

You might agree to disagree but with respect

You know you have found “the one” when your passions, interests and opinions might differ but there is a mutual respect for the differences. Your partner doesn’t make fun or use the differences to gain anything in the relationship.

Your friends and family approve heavily

Your family and closest friends will see through a wrong partner long before you do. So, if they are super hyped and loves your partner, you have found “the one”.

There’s no ego play

There’s no room for ego in a relationship. During fights, if they are ready to admit their mistakes rather and apologize when they are wrong instead of passing the blame game to you, they are a keeper.

Getting vulnerable around them and vice versa

It’s easy for you to show the vulnerable part of you to them and it works both ways. They share their mistakes, insecurities, secrets with you. There’s transparency and your partner is holding nothing back.

Relationship moves steadily

Relationships that move too slow or too fast have the chances of fizzling out sooner of later. You know you have found “the one” when you both maintain separate lives and still have a great relationship, see each other many times a week. You feel a genuine connection with your partner.