Crystals originate within the earth. Therefore, working with them can help us connect to the grounding and healing energy of the planet. Every crystal comes with a specific purpose.

There are numerous creative ways of working with crystals, and you don’t necessarily have to perform complex rituals or practice deep meditations to experience the spiritual benefits of crystal healing. We can all agree that these glitzy, natural stones do not just make gorgeous home decor but also add to the vibe of the space. But if you wish to maximize the healing vibrations emitted by your crystals, you must know where to keep them to better channel their energy to support you in specific environments.

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is the healing crystal of unconditional love. It is believed to open up the heart chakra, and it can encourage you to forgive others and also yourself. You can use this chakra stone to support and nurture yourself on the journey to seek self-love and see what happens.


Turquoise is specifically known for having the potential to ease digestive problems — and according to spiritual experts, it can also be used to promote more conscious and healthy eating behaviours. Keep a turquoise near your plate while eating to see how it benefits you.


This crystal can help you feel more optimistic by overcoming feelings of self-doubt. Rose quartz is believed to open up the energy of the heart. So next time on, when you feel frustrated and angry, take an aventurine crystal in your hand and take a few deep breaths to induce calmness.


The space where you spend a lot of time every day should have high positive vibes. Therefore, spiritual experts recommend selenite for your office space or living room, as these crystals help to energetically cleanse and purify the air. Place a selenite on your study table or a windowsill where it can pick up the sparkle and light.


Apophyllite is especially fitting for channelling optimism, and uplifting vibes, which is why placing this crystal somewhere in your living room can be helpful. This crystal is not just powerful but is also beautiful - so you will want this cheerful natural stone to be in the heart of your home.


Creativity is crucial in the kitchen, so call on the power of the stimulating and energizing carnelian if you wish to try something new and get adventurous. Spiritual experts advise keeping this crystal near your cooking supplies or cookbooks to keep you inspired.

Connecting with the mystical and spiritual power of crystals can be as simple as displaying them around your apartment or home.