You must have heard how bizarre the Australian wildlife is. But were you aware of the fact that over 80 per cent of Australia's mammals, plants, and reptiles are not found anywhere else in the world?

Isolated from all the other continents in the world, Australia is home to some strange creatures. Native to the country, several unusual creatures are found exclusively under the water, and unlike the popular kangaroo and koala, these locals are lesser-known and cannot be spotted anywhere else in the world.

Tiger Quoll

This animal is also known as the spotted quoll. The tiger quoll is a nocturnal creature and is Australia's largest carnivorous marsupial that feasts upon birds, lizards, gliding possums, and small wallabies. These rust-coloured quolls have coats with white spots on them, short legs, and a long tail. Tiger quolls dwell in eastern Australia - in the cool coastal scrubs and rainforest habitats.


This animal can be seen appearing on the five-cent coin of Australia. These egg-laying mammals are known as monotremes, and they evolved nearly 20 to 50 million years ago. The elongated snouts of these timid animals are ideal for digging and slurping up termites and ants, and the spines on their body act as a defence mechanism. Echidnas are commonly found all across Australia, living in woodlands and forests, and prefer cooler, stable conditions.


This creature is a little shy and bizarre, but back in 1799, when a group of European scientists had examined a platypus body for the first time, they thought it was fake. The platypus is also a monotreme – a mammal that lays eggs. The male platypus has venomous spurs on their hind legs, and they can detect their prey by sensing electric fields.


The best way to describe a wombat is a large, furry rock. This strange-looking creature eats grass, lives in burrows, and almost never comes out during the day. Of all the marsupials, the wombats have the largest brain, and they build their burrow systems very cleverly to avoid predators. They are mostly slow-moving creatures, but they have the ability to run quite fast if the situation demands it.


Cassowaries are considered the ‘most dangerous bird on earth’. You can find these birds in the north-eastern part of Australia - cassowaries are typically 1.5 to 2 meters tall and have three-toed feet with sharp claws. While these birds are usually shy, they tend to attack when threatened.

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