We all have those days waking up with the wrong foot on the floor. But how do we survive the curse that such a day poses on us! Here are a few tricks to survive another such a day! Days like these are quite common; let's make the most of them.

Notice where it hurts and get rid of that pain.

Many times our day starts like a drag; it's miserable to look yourself in the mirror that day. Everything seems wrong. Look deep into your health symptoms, when situation becomes that way. You actually might have a reason underneath your 'mood', there might be headache, or allergy, or stomachache, low sugar, low pressure, or just a sore throat! It can all start from there and spiral into something more harmful. Before than happens, take control of your day, get that pain treated.

Know how to give yourself a break!

It's one of those days that will not get you your dream job or land you your dream project. The sooner you accept it, you can start to salvage whatever is left of your stupid day! You don’t have to get looped-up into the savior syndrome. The world will take care of itself, for a day. You need to get mindful and try meditating to survive the negative energies that the day throws at your direction.

Try some sweets and chocolates

If you are a sweet tooth you know the power of sugar and if you are a chocolate lover you sure know the healing power that the mighty chocolate possesses. It seems to be able to fix all sorts of troubles. There isn’t anything that a bite of chocolate can’t fix! You could try the chocolates that you loved in your childhood and it will fix the mood of the day, my guarantee.

Minimize your socializing

Stupid days can really get us in some mood. It’s hard enough for us to tolerate ourselves, imagine what it would feel like if we string someone along into our own nightmare of a day. We don’t need that. They don’t need that. Then why go ahead and put them into such a situation. These are not the days to be socializing, friend. Try to minimize your socializing efforts if you are having a ‘day’! It’s only fair for the people who are at least having a better day, don’t you think?